Branding Quick Tips

Get “White Labeled” quickly!

If you need help with a specific area of the platform, there’s no need to have to pick out elements of a video with multiple highlights. Cut straight to the chase and watch a no-frills guide on a specific feature of SuiteDash.

Platform Branding

Customize the look and feel of your platform from the moment your user registers their account. We offer presets as well as options for more advanced users.

Email Branding

Customize your emails to match your white-labeled platform. Display your logo, colors and custom footer information.

Domain Verified Sending

Authenticate your domain, so that we can send emails on your behalf. Have your emails come from your domain and not a generic mailbox.

Set up your Custom URL

Give your account your very own URL. Your clients will never need to go to SuiteDash to log in!

Customizing your Login

Customize your platform from the moment your users log in. Change the style, colors, background image and more.