“How-to” Guides

How to Change a Contact’s display name

A quick and easy guide on Impersonating your Contacts!

Let’s get started by going to CRM > Contacts. From the list of Contacts locate the one you need to update and click Options.

You’ll see a symbol that looks like a mask. This is the Impersonate feature. It is also available if you click on the Contact and go to their Profile.

Now you get to view SuiteDash from a Contact’s perspective. Go to the Flyout Menu and click My Profile/Settings.

Here you can update Basic Information, their Profile Picture, as well as Change their Password. Right now, all I want to do is update their Display Name, so I will do so and click Save.

Once you’ve made your desired updates you will click the Power symbol that is next to the Contact’s name in the top center of your screen. If you have multiple Contacts you need to update you can click the dropdown to select a new Contact to Impersonate.

Now that our Contacts have been updated we can click the Power symbol and return to our Super Admin view.

That’s it! Updating your Contact’s Display Name is simple and easy!