“How-to” Guides

How to Charge for your Appointments

For each individual Appointment Type, separate Automations can be configured for Booking, Rescheduling, or Canceling!

We’ll start by creating an On-Demand Invoice Generator. Go to Office > Invoices > Generators > On-Demand > + Add On-Demand Generator

Once you’ve set up your On-Demand Invoice Generator you’ll head over to Calendar > Appointment Types. Click + Add Appointment Type and fill in the appropriate information.

After saving your new Appointment Type you will be redirected to a list of your Appointment Types. Find the one you are working with and Select Options > Edit

You can now set up your Appointment Automations. You can Configure Automations when an Appointment is booked or in case the Appointment gets rescheduled or canceled.

Click on Configure Automations under Trigger Automations when this Appointment Type is Booked then click the + to Add & Configure your first Automation.

Select Apply On-Demand Invoice Generator from the list of available Automations then from the dropdown make your selection. Don’t forget to click the Save icon in the left corner before exiting out of Configure Automations.

You’ll click Save once more to ensure that all of your changes have been updated and that’s it! When a Contact books an Appointment of this type they will receive an email with an Invoice attached.

Great Job! Now go out there and get paid for your time!