“How-to” Guides

How to Delete Automation Templates

Automation Templates are easy to create and now they are easy to delete as well!

To start out go anywhere in the Platform where you can Configure Automations. For this example, I went to create an Invoice.

Since we’re not actually going to make an Invoice you can scroll down without filling in any info until you get to Assign Automations. Here you will click Configure Automations.

On the top right you will see a few icons. Click Apply Existing Automation Template.

Here you can select the Automation Template you would like to manage.

Once you have made that selection you will automatically be redirected and you will see that the Template has been added.

You will now click Apply Existing Automation Template once again.

It will take you back to the dropdown where you first selected your Template. The only difference is that now you have the option to Delete the Template without getting redirected.

After clicking Delete you will need to confirm once more by clicking OK on the pop-up.

When you go back see the available Automation Templates in the dropdown that Template will no longer be listed.

Great work! Now go clear out your unneeded Automation Templates!