“How-to” Guides

How to easily place form fields into columns

You are able to easily configure your Forms to have up to 4 fields on one row using simple Styling & Layout Classes.

Let’s make a Kickoff Form. To start go to Forms > + Create Form > Kickoff Form.

Give your Form a Title. I’m using this Form to onboard new Users so I will call it New Contact.

I’m going to use the Fields First Name, Last Name, and Primary Email but I want to change the order. To do that I will click the three lines on the left side of the Field Block and drag them up or down.

Now that my fields are in the right order I can continue to edit them by clicking on the arrow to open up more options.

I want First Name and Last Name to both be required and on the same line so I’m going to toggle Required on for First Name then under Custom Options I will put in field_first, field_half.

Field_first means that it should be listed first and field_half means that there are only two fields that will be on the same line. Under Last Name, I only need to put field_half since it is not first in line.

For the Primary Email field, I don’t need to put field_half since it is going to be on its own line under First Name and Last Name. I would like it to stand out a little bit though so I will use field_cb to give it a light background.

I made sure to toggle Required on for all of them and am ready to move on. If you want to add additional fields, custom fields, or advanced blocks this is where you would do that! I’m keeping my Form fairly simple so I will now move on.

Under Form Actions, Assignments & Automations I will set my Role to Client, assign a Coordinator, and choose a Circle that I want them to be a part of.

Once I’ve finished making edits to this Form I’ll make sure to click Save. This can be done on the side or at the very bottom of the Form. I’m going to click Save & Keep Editing so I can stay on the Form.

Now that my Form is saved I want to see what it will look like! I will click the Link / Embed icon to adjust my embedding settings then I’ll copy the URL and paste it into a new tab.

Take a look at your Form and make sure it turned out how you wanted. You can always go back and make more edits/customizations before you send out the final version. Keep in mind that this Form is responsive and will work on mobile devices.

No more boring Forms for you! Time to get creative 🙂