“How-to” Guides

How to Finalize a Proposal without Sending an Email Notification

You now have more flexibility with how Proposals are created and sent!

To start we’ll need a Proposal. I’m going to grab one from the Template Library.

Now you’ll edit your Proposal to get it ready to send out.

Once you’re done with edits and ready to send your Proposal out you’ll see that you have two options: Finalize and Finalize & Send

Finalize & Send will set the Proposal to Open status and automatically send the email notification to the assigned Client(s). Included in that email notification is the Proposal link that is unique to the recipient.

Your Client will receive something like this in their email.

Going back to your Proposal, if you select Finalize this will set the Proposal to Open status, but an email notification will not be sent. This gives you the option of sending the Proposal link yourself using another means.

To access the link simply click the “3 dots” Options menu for the Proposal and select Copy Approve Link.

Now you have a handy link that you can share with your Clients without needing them to log in to the platform.

Nice! You now know how to send Proposals with or without an email notification.