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How to create a choice of membership plan

Let your new users choose from different access levels while registering!

In order to bill your Clients, you’ll need to have a Payment Gateway configured in your account. You can read about Payment Gateways HERE.

Remember that if you want to set up subscriptions, you’ll need to use a Gateway other than PayPal.

You can choose to offer a one-time payment for each entry level, but for this example, we’ll make three different Subscriptions.

While anywhere in the Billing section, hover your cursor over Subscriptions in the top menu bar, and click on Plans.

Let’s create a new Plan by clicking the +Add Plan button.

Fill out the details for one of your Plans. This will be one of the choices your registering Client can choose from to enter the Portal.

You’ll need to create at least two different Plans so that your Client can choose between them. For this example, we’ll make three Plans.

Now is the time to decide what the actual differences are between these Plans. The most common way to organize your incoming Clients is to sort them via Circle.

Let’s go ahead and create a Circle for each Plan. Head to CRM > Circles, and click the +Add Circle button.

Name your Circles based on the Plans you made earlier for easy tracking. You can add a description to the Circle the identifies the differences between them. Don’t worry, your Clients won’t be able to see anything in this step. They’ll have no idea they are even classified into a “Circle”.

Once all three Plans are made, we can move onto the next step!

Perhaps your business provides different services depending on the Client’s tier? Or, you want your Clients in each tier to have different Onboarding FLOWs, Start Pages, and Menu options? You’ll need to have all of these things in place before actually creating each tier choice in the Form.

With the Plans and Circles created at least, let’s continue to Forms. Click the +Create Form button.

Choose the Kickoff Form when prompted.

Make your way down to the Advanced Blocks dropdown menu, and select Choice Block.

When selected, the Choice Block will be automatically added to the list of default Form Blocks with one Choice already added to configure.

Click the “pencil” icon beside the Choice to rename it to one of the three Plans/Circles you made earlier. Click the green check mark when you’re done.

Now, click the “cog” icon beside the Choice name. This is where you’ll configure the settings if your Client chooses this particular selection while filling out their registration form.

You’ll need to set the Role as Client, as only Clients can be billed. Make sure you select the corresponding Circle you created as well.

In the “Portal Invitation & Communication” section, enable Send Portal Access Invitation Immediately.

You’ll want to take this step if you want your Clients to pay you right away and enter the portal, instead of having to wait for your approval first.

Now we’re going to make it so that they will need to pay after submitting their registration form. Enable Require Contact to pay before accessing Portal and set up the naming scheme for the Invoice that will be created. You can use handy Placeholders to auto-populate things like the Client’s name for easy tracking.

Now let’s make it so that your Client will be put on a Subscription after making the initial payment. Enable Require a Subscription Payment and select one of those Plans you created earlier, ensuring that you are matching up the Plan with the Choice you are creating.

After saving the Choice configuration, click the Add New Choice button to create the next Choice.

Go ahead and create the other two Choices with a similar structure.

Don’t forget to change the name of the Choice Block! You wouldn’t want your potential Client to see that.

It’s a good idea to give the Form a Title before saving for easy identification. Don’t worry, this won’t actually be displayed anywhere on the Form.

With the basics done, go ahead and click the Save button.

After saving you’ll be redirected back to the Forms List View. Click the Options button beside the form you just created and select Link / Embed.

If you want to simply preview the Form, you can do that by selecting View – but where we’re going we can multitask.

You can see a little preview of how your Form is looking to the right. It ain’t the prettiest form yet, but we can work on that later 😊

As you can see, the “Choice Block” is actually a dropdown menu where the user can choose their desired option. It’s clean and simple for them – they won’t see any of the complexities behind the scenes.

Once you’re ready to release this form out into the wild, you can click the Embed Code to copy the URL to your clipboard.

You’ll be able to use that code to embed the link onto your website. Alternatively, you can use the Direct Link to share it directly just about anywhere – your website, blog, social media account, etc.

When your potential Client fills out the form, they’ll receive a registration link in their email, where they can set the password for their account.

Once they enter the portal, they won’t be able to do anything until they pay up first.

Since this is a Subscription, they’ll need to agree to being billed at the frequency you’ve specified, in addition to making the initial payment.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a choice of membership plan for your Clients.