“How-to” Guides

How to share files with your Contacts

There are several ways you can share files with your Contacts in SuiteDash – here are the easiest ways!

If you need to share files with a single Prospect or Client, the easiest way is to do that within their own auto-generated folder.
Let’s head over to Files, then click the top Client Files folder.

You’ll see a list of every Prospect and Client in your platform. Click on the name of the Contact you want to share files with. Having a test Client created is handy for experimenting.

Then just click the Shared with Client folder.

You can either upload files directly to share, or you can create folders. Let’s create one of each.

Your Contact will be able to see the file and the folder, as well as anything inside of that folder you created.

We can take a peek at exactly what they’ll see by Impersonating them, just to make sure. Let’s go to CRM > Contacts.

Find the Contact, click the Options menu button, and click the icon shown below to Impersonate them. This is exactly what they’ll see when they log in.

Your Contact just needs to click on Files, then their Shared with me folder inside.

Now we know for sure that your Contact can see exactly what you see in their shared folder!

If you want to share files with Staff Members (or multiple users), you can create your own Shared Folder by going back into the root of Files and clicking New Shared Folder.

You even have the choice of sharing a folder that already exists. For this example, we’ll create an entirely new folder.

Give your new folder a name, then choose the user(s) you’d like to share it with through the dropdown menu. You can also set whether they can simply view the folder and files inside or if they can edit them.

Click your newly-created folder in the list, and add any files/folders you’d like. The permissioned user(s) will see this shared folder when they click on Files in the menu.

You’re all set!