“How-to” Guides

How to use SuiteDash as a Substack alternative

As a SuiteDash user, you won’t need Substack to send emails to your Contacts anymore!

Our Email Marketing Toolkit can help you send catchy emails with top delivery rates. Let’s see how.

Start by heading over to Marketing > Email Lists.

Once inside, you’ll be presented with a list of all of the available Lists you have. Of course, since you’re just starting out, you won’t have any created yet.

But, as a sneak peek of your future self, here’s an example of how it will look.

Once you’re ready to get started, you’ll need to create a list. A list is a group of users that will receive your email communication. In this example, they’re the recipients of your newsletter.

Click on +Add New List.

SuiteDash will ask you to give a name to the list. Type in the preferred name and click Create.

Your List will then be created. However, it’s empty now! Do you see the Subscribed and Unsubscribed columns?  They both show zero because we only created the List, and did not add recipients.

Click on the List name to open the List’s Dashboard.

In the menu at the top, you’ll have the option to add Subscribers to your list.

You can do this manually (“Add Subscribers Form”), from a CSV, from the CRM, or to Import the Staff Members as list subscribers.

Since you’ll likely have the users in your CRM already as Clients, Prospects or Leads, let’s try Import from CRM.

You will be presented with all of the Prospects and Clients in your account. Feel free to use the Filter button to scan through them more easily.

Select the ones you’d like to add to the list, and then scroll down.

Click on Make a selection, and select the desired option in the dropdown menu.

All of the Contacts you selected will now be in the List. Yay!

Now, let’s move on and create the newsletter. Head over to Marketing > Email Campaign.

Again, you’ll see a display of all the existing items in there, so in this case all of the Campaigns.

You won’t have any yet, so click on +Add Campaign.

You will be prompted to enter a name for your Campaign, as well as the Subject line and From Name that will show on the emails you send.

Once you’re done, click Next and you’ll see two choices for the editing experience. We suggest you go with the WYSIWYG, it’s much easier to use!

Once you’re inside, it’s time to write your newsletter! This is a standard “What you see is what you get” editor, so it’ll be like using a small word editor.

Now, it’s time to decide who will receive your amazing newsletter (see why we built the List before? 😉 )

Once you’re done, click Preview to make sure everything looks nice. If it does, go ahead and Save your Campaign!

Select the List you created before, and you’ll see it inside this input field:

And now, up to the final decision before sending! You’ll need to decide if you want to schedule the sending for another time or if you want to send the campaign now.

If you want to send the campaign now, just click the Send Campaign Now button. Otherwise, click on the scheduling link.

You will be able to choose the Date, Time and Time Zone.

Once you’re done, click Schedule Campaign Now! and… you’re done!