“How-to” Guides

How to Set a Location-Based Notice

Notices are perfect as a little ‘Information Guides’ because they can now be targeted in a very granular way.

To start go to Flyout Menu > Pop-Up Notices > + Pop-Up Notice

Give your Notice a Title then fill in the Text. For this Notice, we will be using HTML. Click the <> icon then type in your code.

When you click out of HTML mode you can get a rough idea of what your Notice will look like.

Next, you can decide your location and assignment options. I want my Contacts to see this Notice only when they first log in so I will select Dashboard as my location from the dropdown. Toggle Assign to Roles on then select which Users you would like to see this Notice.

You’ve made it to the fun part: Styling Options! Click on the colored box to select your color or type in the hex code if you already have it picked out. Choose whether or not to make it Active and how many times you want it to pop up.

Before you Save it’s always a good idea to click Preview so you can see what it looks like when it’s all done. Once you’ve checked out the Preview you’re ready to Save your Notice.

Now we’re going to make a notice that’s just for a few specific Staff Members. Go to Flyout Menu > Pop-Up Notices > + Pop-Up Notice

Give your Notice a Title then fill in the Text. In the text, I am linking to a few helpful documents. These will open in a new tab when they are clicked on.

Since this Notice is giving an overview of Forms I will choose Forms – Overview as my location so my Staff members see it when they first open up Forms. I toggled on Assign to Contacts, Staff, Circles, or Teams and then selected my staff members from the dropdown.

Time to style! For this notice I kept it simple with a white background and made my border and text color match. You can also select your Persistance Options at this time.

Before I click Save I’m going to Preview my notice to make sure it looks good. Once you’ve checked your Preview you can Save your Notice!

Nice work! You’re now an expert on Pop-up Notices!