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How to Trigger a File Request Automation

Sending a File Request is a great way to provide a simple & efficient way for Contacts to upload files of any size without even logging in!

To start we’ll need to make a File Request. You can do this by going to Files > Request Files.

Choose a name for the Folder that the Requested Files will be uploaded to. The generated folder will be placed within the File Requests folder by default. If you would like to specify a different folder you can click the Choose Folder button.

Select whom to send the File Request to.
You can choose from individual users, Circles, or Teams, or you can type any external email address. Since you’re making this to be used in an Automation and you don’t have a target in mind you can select yourself or enter your email address.
You can also include a custom message. Keep in mind that this message will be seen by everyone who gets sent this File Request.

Now that you have made your File Request you are ready to add it to an Automation. Automations are available in several places, but for this example, we will be looking at Invoices.

While creating your Invoice go to Assign Automations and click Configure Automations.

Click the + symbol to add your Automation and select Send File Request.

From there you will click the dropdown to choose which File Request you want to send out. In this case, we will use the File Request we made specifically for Automations.

Once you have made that selection remember to click the Save icon on the right side before exiting out of Automations.

You can now finish creating the rest of your Invoice and send it out. After the Invoice is paid the target will receive the File Request you just set up.

It’s that easy! Keep in mind that this Automation can be used in CRM, Projects, Billing, FLOWs, Forms, LMS, and Company Settings.