“How-to” Guides

How to use Project Custom Fields in Kickoff & Update Forms

Now, you can use Forms to introduce the ability for your Contacts to pre-populate data into Projects that are created by the submission of a Form using a Project Generator!

In order to use Project Custom Fields in Forms, you’ll need to have it configured to trigger a Project Generator. We’ll start by setting that up. Go to Projects > Projects > Generators > + Add Project Generator.

Click here for a detailed walkthrough on setting up a Project Generator.

Once you finish with your Project Generator you’ll need to make sure that your Custom Fields are set up. Go to Custom Fields in the Flyout Menu and click + ADD CUSTOM FIELD.

While adding your Custom Field ensure that you select Projects from the dropdown under USAGE.

Now that your Project Generator and Custom Fields are good to go you’re ready to create your Form. Go to Forms > + CREATE FORM. You can add Project Custom Fields to Kickoff and Update Forms.
For this example we will be using Kickoff Forms.

Give your Form a Title and set up your Form Block using your Custom Fields.

When you get to Form Actions, Assignments & Automations you will see that you need to select a Role for Unknown Targets. The Project Generator Assignment will only be available to the Client Role.

After changing the Role to Client you will see Project Generator appear under Assignments. Use the dropdown to select the appropriate Project Generator.

You can then add Tags to the Form and determine Portal Invitation & Communication. This is also the point where you can enable Paid Portal Access.

Scroll down to update your settings for Known Target. You will see Project Generator listed under Assignments. Once again you can select your Project Generator from the dropdown.

Add your tags and toggle your Communication method as desired. Then click Save.

Nicely done! You’re now ready to send your Kickoff Form out into the world!