Simple Start Series

Welcome to the Simple Start Series

With so many features, it’s hard to know where to begin! Here in our Simple Start Series, you’ll learn all of the basics. We’ll guide you through basic Portal setup, fully White Labeling your platform, and using some of the more advanced features SuiteDash has to offer.

Episode 1: First Concepts

In this episode we start from square one. We cover two fundamental concepts in SuiteDash; “Company First” Mode for business that deal with companies as clients, and Circles, a key dynamic permissioning structure. We also cover how to set up a Test Client, essential for building your portal experiences.

Episode 2: Branding, Part 1

Here we introduce white labeling your platform. First we cover the visuals – your colors and logo in Platform Branding. Then it’s on to Email Branding, where the notification emails coming from your platform match your company theme. Finally, we delve into Domain Verified Sending and SMTP – two different ways to set up your transactional emails so that they are coming from you, and not from us.

Episode 3: Branding, Part 2

Continuing to white label your platform, we tackle setting up your Custom URL by connecting it to your domain, and customizing your Login Page to truly make the platform your own. Then it’s time to play with the fun stuff, like your own white label Mobile App and the user-friendly “Magic Link” login!

Episode 4: Planning your Portal

In this episode we focus on customizing your client’s portal experience. Design your Portal with a custom Dashboard, assign a Start Page that your clients will be directed to when they log in, and get acquainted with Custom Menus to configure menu items.  We also touch on some Advanced Custom Menus options to tinker with.