Simple Start Series

Episode 1


We’re starting from scratch – right from when you start your Free Trial! We’ll start with how to easily set up a test client, explain the concept of “Company First” Mode, and introduce you to Circles, a key feature in SuiteDash.

Setting up a Test Client (00:54)

One of the first things we recommend to do is to create a test client. This way you can experience the portal as the client, right from the process of logging in. You can apply a handy “email hack” to add any type of user for testing purposes.

Company First Mode (5:12)

Learn about this important concept in SuiteDash, for businesses that deal with companies with multiple people as clients and not just individuals. In this mode, you can easily change the Primary Contact if necessary, while keeping all information, Projects, etc., related to that company intact. Learn More

Intro to Circles (9:14)

Arguably the most powerful feature in SuiteDash, Circles are a dynamic structure to set permissions for your Contacts in groups. With Circles, you can share things like Portal Pages or Shared Folders to every member of that Circle. Adding or removing a Contact from a Circle immediately updates their permissions. Learn More

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