Simple Start Series

Episode 2


After adding test clients to your platform, wrapping your head around Company First Mode and playing with Circles, it’s now time to start white labeling the platform.

Platform Branding (1:29)

Customize your platform with your own logo, colors, and other styling options. To start with you can select a preset theme, and can get as advanced as custom CSS and JavaScript. Learn More

Email Branding (5:18)

Send the transactional emails that come from the platform in your own brand, with a custom logo, colors, and footer information. We’ll also show you how to send a test email to make sure your emails look exactly as you want them to. Learn More

Domain Verified Sending (11:40)

Set up your branded email address for us to send emails on your behalf. This will ensure that emails will not end up defaulting to spam, or blocked by the recipient’s email provider. Learn More

Sending Transactional Emails via SMTP (16:05)

If you don’t have a domain-related email address, you can use use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) instead. This lets SuiteDash send transactional emails through your own email account. Learn More

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