Simple Start Series

Episode 3


We covered how to set up your Platform Branding and Email Branding in Episode 2 – now we’ll look at your Custom URL and Login. Instead of having to log in at, you and your clients can log into your own custom URL with a personalized login page. We’ll also cover enabling your white label mobile app and the convenient “Magic Link” login for your clients.

Setting Up Your Custom URL (1:24)

Connect your SuiteDash account with your domain. Learn how to add your CNAME record within your DNS host, create your subdomain, and install your SSL Certificate.

Setting Up Your Custom Login (11:19)

Now for the finishing touches. Customize the page where your clients log into with your own logo, colors and background image. Display your own Favicon, which is the small image that appears on your browser tab. And finally display your App Icon, which will allow your clients to download your white labeled mobile app! Learn More

White Label Mobile App (17:52)

Once you have your Custom URL and Favicon set up, your Portal can now be installed as an app on an Android or Apple mobile device as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Your Contacts and Staff can install your Portal natively on their device and it will automatically appear in their list of apps. Learn More

“Magic Link” Login (21:47)

Make it easier than ever to log in for your less tech-savvy clients. It allows your users to click a link on your login page to receive an email, and log into the Portal by simply clicking the link. They won’t ever have to remember their password. Learn More

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