Simple Start Series

Episode 4


Now that your account is fully customized and white labeled, we can focus on your client’s Portal experience. You can control exactly what they see from the moment they log in and can choose what they have access to.

Intro to Custom Menus (00:43)

Custom Menus is a powerful tool to set which Menu Items your users will see in their Portal. First we’ll start with the basics – how to reorder, add, remove, and change the labels of the Menu Items. You can set permissions based on Role or Circle Affiliation. Learn More

Intro to Designing your Portal (7:27)

Build your client Portal by starting with a custom Dashboard. Use the Announcement Widget to set a welcome message, use Dynamic Data Placeholders to personalize the welcome message, and try out some read-made CSS Snippets we provide to customize even further.

Assigning a Start Page (17:35)

Here we delve into Portal Pages, which are “blank slate” pages you can customize with your own content for your Contacts. You can then assign a Portal Page as a Start Page for your Contacts, which is basically a “homepage” and is what your Contacts will be directed to when they log in. Learn More

Advanced Custom Menus (25:33)

Dipping into some of the more advanced features of Custom Menus, you can create unique dashboards for each type of Client or Prospect. Create new Portal Page Menu Items, which already have the ability to be Circle affiliated.

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Simple Start Series

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