Tips N’ Tricks

Not a traditional ‘Course’ or ‘Sequential Series’, the Tips N’ Tricks Series isn’t limited to just one concept or area of the platform. Impromptu? Irreverant? Is that so wrong?!?

The Language of Automation

As you begin your SuiteDash journey, it makes sense to learn the “language” before you start. Join Taylor in a walkthrough of key automation concepts, use cases & examples!

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Forms + Lead Gen Funnel

Using Forms & Portal Pages to create a Lead Gen Funnel – a complete walkthrough! See the creation and hear the explanation of every step involved in creating a Lead Generation Funnel.

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Email Marketing + Forms

Get up to speed with Email Marketing, and learn how to create a form you can add to your website that adds Subscribers to an Email Marketing List and triggers an Autoresponder / Drip Campaign.

Learn more > Specialty Type Forms

Automate Project Creation

Take your Automation game to the next level by watching this step by step walkthrough of a typical workflow. Kickoff Forms, Start Pages, Update Forms, Project Profiles, OH MY!! This TnT is a must watch!

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FLOWS : Data + eSign

Build a FLOW that lets you automate the collection of customizable data, and then use that custom data immediately in a Read & eSign step. Use this workflow standalone, or incorporate these concepts into your existing workflow.

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Client Specific Announcements

Although you can only show/hide Announcements based on Role (Client, Prospect, etc…), this little hack will let you show generic Announcements, but customize the message itself uniquely to each Contact if need be.

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Dashboard Widgets

As the Super Admin or Admin, you are able to customize the Widget configuration for each of the Roles. Learn how to setup these configurations, and save a specific configuration for each Role, including your Prospects & Clients.

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What the SMTP?!?

SMTP is essentially a programmable connection that allows you to send emails out via either your own email address or via some SMTP mail sending service. This video explains why it matters, where you can get SMTP credentials, and how to set it up!

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